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Thank You for Attending SNL 2020 (Virtual Edition)

We are excited to announce that over 850 scientists from around the world attended SNL 2020 (Virtual Edition)--a record number of SNL attendees! Thank you to our attendees, speakers, poster presenters, and sponsors for making SNL 2020 a huge success. Thanks also to the planning committee and event staff for creating this new virtual format for the SNL annual meeting.

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Schedule of Events

Opening RemarksSonja Kotz, SNL Chair

Keynote Lectures

Jennifer CrinionModulating speech recovery after aphasic stroke: Brain and behaviour

Elissa NewportDevelopmental plasticity and language reorganization after pediatric stroke

Hugues DuffauA meta-networking theory of brain functions: lessons gained from stimulation mapping in awake patients

Award Talks

Gesa HartwigsenAdaptive neuroplasticity in the language network

Laura GwilliamsTowards a mechanistic account of speech comprehension

Karen EmmoreyHand it to sign languages

Business MeetingJoin us!

Student SessionGrowing Up in Science


Symposium 1Sleep and consolidation during language learning

Symposium 2Capturing developmental brain dynamics: methods for longitudinal language research

Symposium 3Linguistic levels of representation: Challenges at the interfaces

Slide Sessions

Slide Session A

Slide Session B

Slide Session C

Slide Session D

Poster Sessions

Poster Session A

Poster Session B

Poster Session C

Poster Session D

Poster Session E

Poster Session F

Poster Session G

Poster Session H


The MIT Press

Brain & Language

Rogue Research Inc.

Brain Vision LLC

Closing RemarksSonja Kotz, outgoing SNL Chair, and Matt Lambon-Ralph, incoming SNL Chair